Hotel Room Types Based On The Location And Facility Bed

Location rooms and hotel bed facility is very important for visitors, because it will be adjusted by the hotel guests. The following types based on the location of the hotel rooms and bed facility :

Connecting room are two room adjacent to each other in connecting with the door. Room like this are usually used by the guests who come with family. This connecting door can be opened to facilitate communication among hotel guests, without having to exit from the hotel room.

Adjoining room is a room which is located on one floor, the rooms adjacent to each other but there is no connecting doors or room on either side.

Adjacent room are two room located on the same floor and between the rooms to each other facing each other.

Duplex room is a room that has one, two, or three separate rooms, one with the other Atara different levels and connected by stair case. Can be rented separately.

Cabana room is a room overlooking the beach or the pool. The location is usually separate.

Lanais room is a room with a terrace overlooking the pool or gardens located.

Out Side room is a room facing the street.

Inside room is a room overlooking the rear of the hotel gets, Facing the back. 

End Floor room are located on the corner of the building, usually functioned as a strategic and Suite room. 

The following types of hotel rooms by bed facility:

Single Bed room is a room with one bed for one person only.  

Double bed room is a room equipped with large bed or Dauble bed for two people.

Twin room is a hotel room for two people with two twin beds that can placement in separate or in combination into one.

Twin double bed room is a hotel room for four people usually have Family room.

Twin double bed room is a hotel room for four people usually have Family rooms.

Triple bed room is a room that is equipped with dauble bed for two guests, plus single bed for one person, the point is a triple room can be occupied by three adults.

Suite room is two or more yanga hotel room is equipped with Dinning room, Living room, Kitchenette and Mini bar. Bed Double bed in it, though sometimes also with twin beds.


Prosedur Make Up Room Hotel

If the guest has checked out, the room must be prepared to be sold again. In this case there are some important points that must be done by Room Floor Section or Section when preparing the room who had just left behind by guests. This is known as Cleaning a room check.

Let us discuss step by step

Step 1. After Room Boy do all the preparation work tool that is in Room Boy trolley, Room boy into the room to be cleaned, put the trolley on the edge of the corridor near the door of the room to be cleaned, with the trolley door facing the living room to room boy can easily take barng goods are in need. To note that the trolley placement should not interfere with the traffic of other hotel guests and employees who pass corridor.

Step 2. Knocked on the door three times or press the door bell three times, calling the identity of "Room boy, please." Wait a while to ascertain whether the guests had left the room.

Step 3. Opening the door slowly by using a master key. Once the door open to say "Excuse me."

Step 4. Turning all the lights in the room, checking for damage to the lamp. If there is room lights are off then the boy would soon report to Floor Supervisor for Engineering made ​​a work order to the hotel, to be replaced or repaired.

Step 5. Opening night black out curtain or curtain so that the atmosphere of the room grew lighter.

Step 6. Check the minibar consume. If there is a drink beverages in guest refrigerator, immediately check with the Front Office Cashier (FOC) whether the drink was already paid by hotel guests.

Step 7. Checking other equipment in the room, like an ashtray, the remote control, or towels brought by guests upon check out. If there is, then a room boy must immediately report it to the Front Office Cashier to ask or beg for hotel guests to pay for hotel guests.

Step 8. Checking other equipment in the room, like an ashtray, the remote control, or towels brought by guests upon check out. If there is, then a room boy must immediately report it to the Front Office Cashier to ask or beg for hotel guests to pay for hotel guests.

Step 9. Removing tools used eating-drinking guests in hotel rooms, such as plates, spoons, forks, glasses, etc. (if any), and concluded Room counter or pantry boy, ataumemeberitahukannya to the waiter / room service waiters to take . 

Step 10. The last step is to making beds. 


Room attendant / Room Boy Hotel

The room attendant is primarily responsble for guest Room claning and servicing. In general, the Room attendant performs the same functions in each Room assigned (Denney G. Rutherford, Ph.D.,1990: 127).

The above definition shows that the room boy or room attendant is very instrumental in the operations of the hotel. Income hotels are generally the largest in the can from the sale of hotel rooms, although there are some who gain from the sale of food, beverages and other services. Once the importance of the role of Boy Room or Room attendant so that they are in demand for highly professional because it is spearheading a hotel. Good or poor quality hotel rooms tegantung from the hotel room attendant. For that a room attendant must meet specific criteria and requirements and comply with regulations.

Duties and responsibilities of Room attendant managing the room (in the broadest sense). Good and bad room depending on room attendant, which is associated with thoroughness, diligence and quality. If there is damage to the equipment room will be immediately reported to the Floor Supervisor to immediately in Make a Work Order (WO) to the Department so that the correct enggineering.

Serving guests. In providing service to guests at no time limit, because every time guests can request service, good morning, noon, afternoon, or night. Service itself has five dimensions of Reliability, Responsiveness, Assurance, Empathy, Tangibles. Room attendant the other task is to establish good cooperation between the room attendant as well as with the other Department.

Room attendant working hours there are in for two shifts and there are divided into three shifts, namely:

Two Shift
Morning Shift  : 07.00 - 15.00.
Evening Shift : 15.00 - 23.00.
      Three Shift
Morning Shift  : 06.00 - 14.00, 07.00 - 15.00 or 08.00-16.00.
Evening Shift : 14.00 - 12.00, 15.00 - 23.00 or 16.00 - 00.00.
Night Shift : 22.00 - 06.00, 23.00 - 07.00, or 00.00 - 08.00.

Hotel Organization Chart

Every hotel has a different organizational structures, depending on the size of hotel, number of rooms, hotel capacity, number of employees, as well as hotel management policy. At smaller hotels do not require a general manager, but the manager only., Aided by some head parts. As for the department that only simple, such as Room Division that the Front Office and Housekeeping. The personnel or personnel matters, financial section which includes Front Office Cashier and Restaurant and Bar Cashier.

As for the direct purchase with Finance. Sale and Marketing is under Room Division as they relate to the sale room. Similarly, under Housekeeping Engineering Department which is directly related to the maintenance and equipment rooms.

Often found a hotel employee has multiple positions and has many tasks. For example a room boy, in the morning served as a Waiter Room Service, working on the guest room during the day. When a guest check-in or check-out, room Boy's doubles Bell Boy Hotel.

Inside the book Hotel Management  and Operations, Denney G.Ruthertford, Ph.D (1940: 120) stated,The rooms Department is usually thougt of as a combination of two principal line operating department: the front Office  and Housekeeping Departmen.

From the description above is not necessarily a good organizational structure in a hotel will be successful when used in other hotels. Organizational structures are most appropriate for application in a hotel, there are many things that influence it. Every part that is in the organizational structure of hotels have their own authority and have their respective duties. Within a company, especially hotels, each part can not stand alone, the Front Office Department can not work without the help of Housekeeping Department, Marketing, Food and Beverage Department, and other hotel departments. Vice versa, every part must work together and support each other.

Indeed be recognized in a hotel there that make money the Department directly, such as the Housekeeping Department on the sale room. On the other hand there are parts that do not make money directly, but always spend money, although the ultimate goal to support the income hotels. Part of this is the Purchasing Department.