Hotel Organization Chart

Every hotel has a different organizational structures, depending on the size of hotel, number of rooms, hotel capacity, number of employees, as well as hotel management policy. At smaller hotels do not require a general manager, but the manager only., Aided by some head parts. As for the department that only simple, such as Room Division that the Front Office and Housekeeping. The personnel or personnel matters, financial section which includes Front Office Cashier and Restaurant and Bar Cashier.

As for the direct purchase with Finance. Sale and Marketing is under Room Division as they relate to the sale room. Similarly, under Housekeeping Engineering Department which is directly related to the maintenance and equipment rooms.

Often found a hotel employee has multiple positions and has many tasks. For example a room boy, in the morning served as a Waiter Room Service, working on the guest room during the day. When a guest check-in or check-out, room Boy's doubles Bell Boy Hotel.

Inside the book Hotel Management  and Operations, Denney G.Ruthertford, Ph.D (1940: 120) stated,The rooms Department is usually thougt of as a combination of two principal line operating department: the front Office  and Housekeeping Departmen.

From the description above is not necessarily a good organizational structure in a hotel will be successful when used in other hotels. Organizational structures are most appropriate for application in a hotel, there are many things that influence it. Every part that is in the organizational structure of hotels have their own authority and have their respective duties. Within a company, especially hotels, each part can not stand alone, the Front Office Department can not work without the help of Housekeeping Department, Marketing, Food and Beverage Department, and other hotel departments. Vice versa, every part must work together and support each other.

Indeed be recognized in a hotel there that make money the Department directly, such as the Housekeeping Department on the sale room. On the other hand there are parts that do not make money directly, but always spend money, although the ultimate goal to support the income hotels. Part of this is the Purchasing Department.

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